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 Showcase Athletics PLLC. started  in 2015 with one goal and that is to help any student reach their goals and pursue higher education, at the college and University level. As Parents of two high school students and being a former collegiate athlete and coach, we understand the frustration the FAFSA process and the NCAA recruiting process for student athlete can be. We offer free classes to parents and students to prepare them for these challenges. Our goal is to educate as many as we can so that everyone who wants to attend college can do so. 

   At Showcase Athletics we take pride in ensuring that every Student that wants to go to college has every opportunity to do so. As a free service Showcase Athletics offers college nights and one on one parent consultations to set an academic outline for all students wishing to go to college and to help educate students and parents about FAFSA and non-athletic scholarships. Showcase Athletics number one priority is to share the tools that every student needs to attend a post-secondary learning institution. Every combine or game hosted (i.e. 7 on 7,  track meet, and sports combine) by Showcase Athletics will be filmed and placed in a player profile.  This Profile will be sent to over 1,200 college coaches to have access to all information on the Athlete. This Profile will be sent to all  D1, D2,D3 schools under the NCAA. Showcase Athletics is not just for student athletes, SCA provides a free education Program that helps every Texas high school Student find funding for college.