Texas High School All-Star Game




Showcase Athletics will host the Texas High School All-Star game. This game will be played in San Antonio TX. On January 12th of 2019 with a 3 pm kick off time.  

Showcase Athletics is proud to have this opportunity to host this great event, SCA will have a state-wide player selection committee that will pick The East and West team. The selection process will be as follows: A list of the Top High school Football Players in Texas will be giving to us from 2 different outlets. That nomination  will go to selection committee that will have prerequisites to help them filter the nominations. After the first round of selection, the committee will take the remaining names and form both teams with a final roster to be announced throughout the 2018 Texas high school playoffs.

*Under Classmen Texas Combine will be hosted on the Morning of Jan 12th 2019.


Texas High School All-Star Game

January 12th 2019

Kick Off : 3pm


 SouthSan Stadium 

7525 Bartlite

San Antonio 78224

Ticket link below: